Designers and Manufacturers of Custom Packaging

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Over the past 20 plus years since it was established, Pro-Pak has aligned itself with the top manufacturers in thermoforming, foam fabrication, printing services, & poly bags in our area. We have established relationships with the leading companies in their respected industry and offer to you our expertise in getting your projects completed as efficiently and timely as possible. 

Pro-Pak Associates offers simplicity to your product. We realize that many projects must go through several manufacturing processes in order to get the desired product our customer is aiming for. Why should you deal with multiple manufacturers when Pro-Pak has established relationships and can get everything done for you in one, convenient place. 

Pro-Pak Associates, Inc. is a design oriented company in the Philadelphia area. We can bring your product from inception, to design, to production, to fulfillment. Pro-Pak's package development skills, coupled with the ability to manufacture your vision with the highest quality and most efficient cost bases have made us a key resource for our customers. Pro-Pak has established itself as a primary resource in several manufacturing industries in the Philadelphia area. Aside from custom foam & plastic fabrication, Pro-Pak also has established itself as a key supplier in custom printing & decorating in the Philadelphia area. 

Pro-Pak Associates, Inc. 


Pro-Pak Associates, Inc. approaches every project in its own and unique way. Working with manufacturers in a variety of industries, we have the tools at our disposal to make sure your product is designed and implemented specifically to your needs. Whether it be a detail oriented custom foam lined case for delicate items, or a generic label for your operations center, we approach each project with our customer in mind. 

Designing Custom Foam & Plastic Fabrication in the Philadelphia Area.