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Evidence Bags

From police evidence to scientific sampling, there is one irrefutable fact in any protocol - the initial security of the sample and subsequent chain of custody can have ramifications for years into the future. In fact the validity of the conclusions drawn from the sample may be tested against the very security method used to control the sample. Evidence bags are an essential component of any crime scene and investigation to collect and transport a range of evidence and samples.

Custom printed tamper evident collection bags are great for evidence collection, lost or left behind valuables, or anytime you need a tough, secure, sealed bag. Labeled for chain-of-custody tracking, as well. These evidence bags are not only limited to Chain of custody bags but CCTV evidence bags, Homicide evidence bags and any other type of tamper evident write on bag that you are in need of to keep things secure and well labeled. 


  • Clear see-through material for evidence collection.
  • Impossible to open without destroying the seal.
  • Perfect for collecting small pieces of evidence, such as hairs, fibers, paint chips and fragments found at a crime scene.
  • Removable submission receipt.
  • Easy-to-write-on area.

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