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Handling Trays

Plastic Material Handling Trays are similar to shipping trays except that the type of material and thickness are selected for durability and ease of cleaning for reuse in a process environment. Our handling trays are made from plastics such as Polypropylene, HDPE, and ABS and are easy to clean, have good solvent resistance, and offer very good impact resistance. Pro-Pak also offers anti-static and ESD options to best protect your sensitive components. As the material is normally thicker for improved durability and stiffness, handling trays typically cost more than a comparable disposable tray.

Thermoformed handling trays offer a cost-effective means to safely and efficiently transport manufactured components between manufacturing areas and facilities. The components can be arranged to optimize size, stacking and nesting capabilities. Plastic handling trays are also lightweight, adding negligible weight to your shipment. Additionally, the trays are reusable, therefore reducing costs as well as reducing environmental impact.