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There are several advantages to heavy gauge thermoforming. Lower tooling cost and much lower minimum quantities needed for order. When compared to injection molding, heavy gauge thermoforming has a much more tolerable tooling cost and avoids the demand of high quantity. For these two reasons alone, heavy gauge thermoforming may be the perfect solution for your product.  

Common materials used in heavy gauge thermoforming include ACRYLIC, HDPE, LPPE, PP, PVC, PETG, and polycarbonates.Type your paragraph here.

Heavy gauge thermoforming ​in philadelphia

Heavy gauge thermoforming, sometimes called thick gauge thermoforming, is used to create sturdy enclosures for equipment. Many products you encounter in everyday life use heavy gauge thermoforming. For example, computers, exercise equipment, automobiles and other electronic enclosures are all items that incorporate heavy gauge thermoformed parts. Even medical devices, trays, and various outdoor equipment can use heavy gauge thermoforming in its product design.  ​heavy gauge Thermoforming in Philadelphia
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