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Even though companies have made massive strides in recent years when it comes to employee safety, there are still many industrial accidents each year involving machinery. This is where plastic machine guards can reduce the danger by covering exposed machine parts that can present a danger to workers.

Pro-Pak can manufacture guards for obscure machinery to meet the client’s needs. For many manufacturers we deal with, they have custom machinery built specifically for their application. Pro-Pak takes all factors into account when designing and implementing your custom machine our custom machine guard.

Many companies believe that metal machine guards are the best option, but we have found that they are expensive to manufacture and are much heavier to handle. Here are other advantages when choosing plastic machine guards. 

  • Weatherproof. Plastic guards are flexible to absorb impact.
  • Innovative and customizable at much less cost than other options
  • Easier for installation and handling.
  • No rivets or split seams
  • No corners to catch passing materials
  • Sound dampening compared with metal guarding

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