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Pro-Pak Associates, Inc. 

The increasing need for high performance medical trays continues to drive sustained growth in the medical market. Medical professionals require high-performance medical trays that offer exceptional durability as well as versatility of use.

Pro-Paks custom thermoformed medical trays offer the flexibility to meet medical specifications and quality standards for the most demanding medical tray applications. Our staff of experienced medical tray fabricators are dedicated to achieving balanced production.

Whether thermoforming for sterile medical packaging, FDA approved recycled PET for non-sterile applications, HIPS or PVC, our custom thermoforming are designed and manufactured with the highest structural rigidity and impact resistance. Whether its for product protection, easy product verification or for the end user’s ease of use, Pro-Pak takes everything into account when designing your product. From short run clinical trials to larger production runs, Pro-Pak is equipped to provide consistently high quality custom thermoformed packaging that is protective and cost-effective.

Medical Packaging