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The increasing need for high performance medical trays continues to drive sustained growth in the medical market. Medical professionals require high-performance medical trays that offer exceptional durability as well as versatility of use.

Pro-Paks custom thermoformed medical trays offer the flexibility to meet medical specifications and quality standards for the most demanding medical tray applications. Our staff of experienced medical tray fabricators are dedicated to achieving balanced production.

Whether thermoforming for sterile medical packaging, FDA approved recycled PET for non-sterile applications, HIPS or PVC, our custom thermoforming are designed and manufactured with the highest structural rigidity and impact resistance. Whether its for product protection, easy product verification or for the end user’s ease of use, Pro-Pak takes everything into account when designing your product. From short run clinical trials to larger production runs, Pro-Pak is equipped to provide consistently high quality custom thermoformed packaging that is protective and cost-effective.Type your paragraph here.


From thin gauge to heavy gauge thermoforming, Pro-Pak designs and supplies it all. 

Manufacturer of quality polyethylene and polypropylene bags backed by dependable service and competitive pricing. 

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Similar to blister packaging, clamshell packaging can offer you the same tamper evident protection and secure your product. We can design your clamshell packaging to custom fit your product and highlight its features. Or, if tooling is a concern, can offer you a line of stock clamshells. This way, your product can have the safety and security you desire without the additional cost of tooling. ​

Printed labels or printed cards usually accompany this packaging style, similar again to blister packaging. 





Pro-Pak specializes in the fabrication of a variety of polyfoam materials across multiple industries

Thermoforming in its simplest terms is the process of taking a sheet of plastic material, heating it up until its workable, and forming it to a three-dimensional shape.  Then we trim and finish the part into a usable product.  Although items can range from grand to simplistic, the basic four step process remains fairly the same; 

  • Design your packaging
  • Select a material that fits your situation
  • Generate tooling 
  • Form & Trim your parts

If you’re in an industry that manufactures, there’s a good chance you use, or should be using, thermoforming in your process. There are a wide range of thermoforming applications in manufacturing.  Industries that we serve include:

  • Food Packaging - Cookie Trays, Candy Trays, Deli containers, Frozen Food containers
  • Consumer Packaging- Cosmetics, Health, Consumer Electronics, Display trays, Retail Clamshells & Blisters Paks.
  • Medical Packaging- Medical Device packaging, Pharmaceutical packaging, Clean room items. 
  • Industrial Packaging- Electronic Packaging, Pick & Place trays, Handling trays.

Blister packaging can be used in a variety of industries. This type of packaging is most commonly seen in the medical industry, but can be just as effective in others. Blisters are thermoformed plastic that can have either a generic cavity, or a custom designed cavity to highlight your product and its feature. The most common materials for this line of packaging are PVC, PET, & PETG.

Along with the thermoformed plastic, blister packs are usually accompanied with a blister card. This item details and can give specifics regarding your product and its benefits. 

Also, blister packaging offers tamper evident properties that many plain printed boxes simply cant offer. If anyone were to try and damage the project prior to sale, it is apparent to your customer prior to purchase.

Our hands-on approach to printing paired with competitive pricing makes Pro-Pak a value leader in the printing industry