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Pro-Pak Associates, Inc. 

Thermoforming custom foam & Plastic Fabrication in Philadelphia. 

Thermoforming in its simplest terms is the process of taking a sheet of plastic material, heating it up until its workable, and forming it to a three-dimensional shape.  Then we trim and finish the part into a usable product.  Although items can range from grand to simplistic, the basic four step process remains fairly the same;

  1. Design your packaging
  2. Select a material that fits your situation
  3. Generate tooling 
  4. Form & Trim your parts

If you’re in an industry that manufactures, there’s a good chance you use, or should be using, thermoforming in your process. There are a wide range of thermoforming applications in manufacturing.  Industries that we serve include:

  • Food Packaging - Cookie Trays, Candy Trays, Deli containers, Frozen Food containers
  • Consumer Packaging- Cosmetics, Health, Consumer Electronics, Display trays, Retail Clamshells & Blisters Paks.
  • Medical Packaging- Medical Device packaging, Pharmaceutical packaging, Clean room items. 
  • Industrial Packaging- Electronic Packaging, Pick & Place trays, Handling trays. 

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